Lidar maker ibeo files for insolvency

Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH, a global provider of LiDAR sensors, has filed for insolvency. Hamburg insolventcy court has granted insolvencies proceedings in self-administration. The company is continuing operations in all divisions in Hamburg, Germany, Eindhoven, Netherlands, and Detroit, Michigan at full capacity.


Why nasa is sending a surgical robot to the iss October 2022 issue

The October 2022 issue includes the feature story along with the following article. The feature story is about the future of the U.S. Air Force. The article also includes the story about the Air Force Academy's first female cadets. For more information, visit


Softbank robotics partners with gausium to deploy 2 robotic solutions

SBRA and Gausium will work to help companies adopt, integrate and scale robotic solutions. The partnership will focus on two solutions: X1, a running and bussing solution for the food service industry, and Scrubber 50 Pro, a robotic floor scrubber powered by artificial intelligence.

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