Humatics raises series b funding to scale milo microlocation system, rail navigation system

Humatics Corp. makes microlocation technology for systems including autonomous vehicles and mobile robots. The company said it plans to scale its submillimeter Milo Microlocation System. Humatics is based in Waltham, Mass., and has an office in Huntsville, Ala.

Applying microlocation across industries

Humatics said its Milo Microlocation System is the first of its kind to combine proprietary, industrial-grade, ultra-wideband, sensors, and data. Milo can help identify where objects are in relation to one another with millimeter precision. The technology is useful in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and construction, among other applications.

Rail helps modernize mass transit

Humatics installed its UWB technology on 5.5 miles of track in New York City’s subway system. Last year, it completed a successful pilot with the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) for signal modernization. The company provided the underlying technology behind two out of the four winners in the Signaling category for the MTA Genius Transit Challenge.

Humatics plans expansion beyond New York

The $30 million investment grows the company’s funding by a third, bringing its total raised to over $80 million. “Microlocation technology is useful especially now, as we try to keep each other safe by providing space and keeping people and goods moving,” says CEO David Mindell.

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