Order fulfillment tipping point reached for mobile robots, says interact analysis

Autonomous mobile robot adoption will grow strongly in order fulfillment, predicts Interact Analysis.

Report: Growth potential is huge for autonomous mobile robots in order fulfillment applications. Amazon’s acquisition of Kiva Systems in 2012 triggered two significant trends in the industry. More than 100,000 AMRs will have been deployed for order fulfillment by the end of 2020.

A ‘perfect storm’ for order fulfillment

Fewer than 300 sites had deployed order fulfillment AMRs by the end of last year. The speed with which the technology has matured and moved beyond the early adopter stage has made deployment an increasingly attractive option. Record low unemployment rates, coupled with the shift of younger generations away from manual labor, have also created a major shortage of warehouse workers.

About the mobile robots report

The mobile robot market is set for a major transformation over the next decade. AMRs get widely adopted in warehouses and logistics centers following years of pilots. The industry is now growing rapidly as the technology hits the mainstream, driven by an acute labor shortage and e-commerce boom.

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