Doordash is building its own delivery robots

DoorDash has filed two patents for an autonomous delivery vehicle. The patents were approved in September and October of 2021. DoorDash told The Robot Report that patents aren’t necessarily indicators of what’s actually under development. But the patents at least give us a glimpse of what DoorDash has in mind.

Doordash Labs Robot

DoorDash has filed patents for an autonomous delivery vehicle. The vehicle could reach speeds between 18-25 mph and weigh between 200-300 lb. DoorDash said its robot could have a sensor that extends upward from the body of the robot at a height of 3-5 ft.

DoorDash has hired Ashu Rege as its new vice president of autonomy. Rege spent six years at Zoox, an autonomous vehicle company. DoorDash is looking to automate the middle mile of its deliveries using a hub-to-hub model. In this model, orders would be aggregated in areas with many merchants.

Doordash hub to hub model

No stranger to robotics

DoorDash is expanding its robotics team with strategic acquisitions. In February 2021, it acquired Chowbotics, a company that created a robot that assembled custom bowls on-demand in an airtight, refrigerated container. DoorDash Labs is looking to hire autonomy engineers, robotics technicians and software engineers.

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