Gatik autonomous box trucks hit new milestone with walmart

Gatik, an autonomous driving startup and 2020 RBR50 winner, continues to reach new milestones in its partnership with Walmart. The company today said it no longer has a human safety driver behind the wheel of two Level 4 autonomous box trucks operating in Bentonville, Arkansas. Gatik said operations without a human behind the driver’s wheel began in August 2021.


Gatik’s Level 4 trucks make 4-6 trips per day on this route that is 7.1 miles round trip. | Credit: Gatik

Gatik is testing its autonomous box trucks in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company has raised $114.5 million to date. Gatik restricts its vehicles to fixed, repeatable routes to eliminate as much uncertainty from their routes as possible. It also avoids routes that drive by fire stations, hospitals and schools.

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