A toast to yanu, the robotic mixologist

This state-of-the-art robot bartender required the latest in robotic design and development technologies to bring to life

Yanu, the fully autonomous bartending robot, looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Yanu can make up to 100 drinks in one hour and up to 1,500 cocktails in a single load. Unlike other robotic bartenders on the market, Yanu’s solution is compact and mobile.

  • Rising labor costs and staffing shortages. A cost-effective staffing option, Yanu doesn’t require paychecks or take sick days. It can also take on late or long shifts at venues like night clubs or airports. Business owners can expect to make back their money on Yanu after only 9 to 10 months of operation.
  • A new need for contactless bars. Fully automated and contactless, Yanu requires no human interaction, making it an ideal solution for the post-pandemic service world. Its accompanying apps support interactive mobile and touch screen ordering.
  • Inconsistent service speed and quality. Unlike even the best human bartenders, Yanu makes precise cocktails every time, minimizing the costly effects of overpours.
  • Bartending bottlenecks. Capable of making 100 drinks in one hour, Yanu is the equivalent of four bartenders.
  • Alan Adojaan, founder and CEO of YANU.

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