Steve crowe, mike oitzman and dan kara review the top robotics stories of 2021

The final episode of the year. Steve and Mike invite Dan Kara onto the show to discuss the top robotics news stories and significant milestones from 2021. Dan Kara is VP of the WTWH Media robotics group, and editor of Robotics Business Review. They highlight the critical news stories. They discuss how the robotics market evolved throughout the year, and highlight the top news stories from the past year.

  • 20 most popular robotics stories of 2021
  • Inside Locus Robotics’ acquisition of Waypoint Robotics
  • 12 notable warehouse-focused AMR acquisitions
  • Robotics Summit & Expo Opens Call for Presentations for May 2022 Event
  • Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum Opens Call for Presentations
  • If you would like to be a guest on an upcoming episode of the podcast, contact Steve Crowe or Mike Oitzman. For sponsorship opportunities of The Robot Report Podcast, contact Courtney Nagle for more information. We want your feedback: Tell us what you think was the biggest or most interesting robotics news story of 2021.

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